DePaul University Libraries
Photographs & Ephemera
1DePaul Buildings - Photographs
Description: A collection of photographs depicting buildings across all of DePaul's campuses.
Restrictions: In library use only
2DePaul Buildings, Digital Collection
Description: The photographs and images of DePaul buildings included in this digital collection date from 1898 to the present. Images include groundbreaking and dedication ceremonies, the construction and demolition of buildings, and aerial views of the surrounding neighborhood.
Restrictions: None
3Student Affairs - Ephemera
Description: This collection includes ephemera from various athletic games and general DePaul University events. The files are arranged in three categories; Athletics, General and Greek Life.
Restrictions: In library use only
4University Photographs
Description: University photographs depict various aspects of DePaul's history, including student life, academics, athletics, buildings, faculty and staff.
Restrictions: In library use only