DePaul University Libraries
1Biographical Files - DePaul Presidents
Description: This collection consists of a variety of materials relating to presidents at DePaul including: obituaries, photographs, interviews, and articles by and about each president. The collection is arranged in chronological order. Each individual has a folder containing information about him.
Restrictions: In library use only
2Faculty Council
Description: Faculty Council carries out the collective responsibilities of the DePaul faculty, including governance for academic and scholarly activities, and has an advisory role in many University-wide issues.
Restrictions: In library use only
3Staff Council
Description: The Staff Council provides a forum for staff to participate in University governance in an advisory capacity.
Restrictions: In library use only
4University Senate
Description: The records of the University Senate, which include the Faculty Advisory Council (1951-1970), cover the period from 1951 to 1985. The University Senate was disbanded in 1983/1984 and replaced by the Faculty Council and Staff Council.
Restrictions: In library use only