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Hercules and Tickling

Here’s our last “This Week in Reference” of the quarter.  We’ll take a short break over December, but will be back in January 2015!

Hercules and Cerberus
Hercules and Cerberus​ by Nicolo Van Aelst

This past week, we met with quite a few students researching the various myths of Hercules.  When searching this topic in a database, it’s useful to include all of the various spellings of this Greek divine hero, including Hercules, Heracles, and Herakles.

Other topics coming our way included:

  • Frenemies
  • Wicca
  • Kolb's Learning Style Inventory
  • Tesla
  • Aristotle and Time

And, an in-depth look at a conversation we’ve had via IM, in person, through email, or over the phone:

Question:  Hi! I’m trying to find some articles about tickling and when and why it might be considered appropriate behavior.

Answer: There are lots of articles on tickling in the popular and scholarly literature!  Search Academic Search Complete and PsycINFO together  using the truncated keyword tickl* combined with words like “social norms,” “behavior,” and/or “culture.”

This Week in Reference:  November 9 – November 15, 2014 

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