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Laughter Therapy and Exam Review Materials

Reference doesn’t stop in the summertime!  

Some of the topics coming across our desks this week were:
  • Laughter Therapy​
  • Public health education in impoverished communities
  • Wine additives and allergies
  • Spanglish

And a detailed look at one of our email questions:

Does the DePaul library have any digital CPA exam review materials? Practice tests? Video lectures?

AnswerThe DePaul Library has a selection of accounting exam guides in electronic format, including: Wiley CPA Exam Review Focus Notes, Auditing and Attestation​. There are even more in print, including the Wiley CPAexcel series of study guides and exam reviews held at the Loop Campus.

You may find additional online guidance/materials through various accounting organization websites, including the American Institute of CPAs​

Bearing in mind the constant changes in this field, and the limited capacity for academic libraries to obtain/maintain collections of the most recent exam guides, in order to prepare for all the likely question types in your exam, you may wish to consider purchasing an individual copy, whether in electronic or print format.

This Week in Reference: July 24, 2015​​​

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