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Turkish Cinema and Advertising Rates

Here is our first “This Week in Reference” for the Winter Quarter.  Happy New Year!

Despite the frigid weather, the students and faculty made their way to the library to begin their work during this first week back at school.  And, perhaps because of the frigid weather, we helped a surge of students online through our Ask-a-Librarian Chat feature.

Some topics making their way to our desks and inboxes this week:

Turkish cinema : identity, distance and belonging

  • History of Turkish Cinema
  • Writing instruction in high schools
  • Euclid
  • Historic CEO compensation for all companies in technology sector 
  • The Barber of Seville
  • Autodesk Maya Tutorials

And, from our IM reference transcripts:

Question: I need help finding industry averages for the cost of online advertising using different revenue models.  

Answer: Start with either the Companies & Industries Research Guide​, and specifically to the financials section, or the Public Relations & Advertising Research Guide.  Key Business Ratios is a good source for benchmarking data, and is available both online or in print at the loop library.  However, advertising averages might be difficult to find because public companies are not required to report specifically what they spend on advertising.  Advertising is commonly folded into the ambiguous "administrative costs" reported in a 10-K filing with the SEC.  

Another strategy would be to look for articles about the topic - what advertisers might pay to post ads on a website using different revenue models - in databases like Business Source Complete and ABI/Inform.  SRDS, available in the A-Z Database list, also provides information on actual rates charged by publications both in print and online.

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