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Walter Benjamin and Family Life

Classes are over, and the final citations are being written in APA, MLA,  and Chicago styles.  In addition to reference formatting questions, topics coming to the reference librarians this past week include:
  • Walter Benjamin
  • William Conger
  • Chess Records
  • Scrabble
And, an in-depth look at some conversations we’ve had via IM, in person, through email, or over the phone:

A student was looking for information about what it meant to be a “successful” family in the early 1900s.  The librarian asked questions about the assignment to help narrow down the search, and found quite a few useful articles in Academic Search Complete, with the terms households OR families AND united states AND history.  Also recommended was the resource American Decades.  The student could search for the word “family” across all of the volumes/decades and they found some wonderful material, including an article entitled “Home Life: 1900-1909.” 
A researcher needed statistical information on graduation and retention rates for students with disabilities.  The librarian immediately pointed out the National Center for Educational Statistics, listed on the Education Research Guide.  He also provided the student with a link for the report: Diplomas At Risk from the National Center for Learning Disabilities which contained all of the needed data!

This Week in Reference: June 1 - June  7, 2014
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