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This Week in Reference: Dominoes and Childbirth

Welcome to another chilly installment of This Week in Reference!

The cold weather did not keep people away, and this past week we helped people find information on a wide range of different topics, including:
  • Health care research related to small businesses
  • Significance of the purple robe placed on Jesus at his crucifixion
  • History of dominoes
  • US intervention in Congo, 1965
  • Yoga and cellular health
  • Population statistics for different Chicago zip codes
Other interesting questions to come our way (from IM, Email, phone and in person) included:

A researcher needed help finding information about feminism and yoga.  She had been relying only on Academic Search Complete and hadnt been finding much.  The librarian introduced her to our fabulous research guides on the various topics of Women & Gender Studies, Psychology, Yoga, and Sociology.  And, the librarian emphasized the interdisciplinary nature of the topic, pointing out the wide variety of resources that DePaul has available.
A student needed material comparing childbirth in four different cultures.  The librarian demonstrated how to search the catalog for books on the topic, suggesting a subject search on Birth customs or a subject search on Childbirth.  They found several useful titles, including: The American Way of Birth, Red Medicine: Traditional Indigenous Rites of Birth and Healing, and The Manner Born: Birth Rites in Cross-Cultural Perspective.
A student was looking for articles related to the use of reflection in the faculty mentor/mentee relationship, specifically in the nursing profession.  The librarian suggested a search in CINAHL first, and then possibly expanding to ERIC and Education Research Complete.  Suggested subject terms and keywords included: faculty, mentor* (truncated to include mentor, mentoring, mentorship), and reflection. 

A researcher asked for help finding catalogs, handbooks, and manuals for Early Modern Spanish coinage, and was coming up empty.  The librarian suggested using the terms: coinage and numismatics, and found quite a bit of material for a very grateful patron. 

This Week in Reference: Jan 19-25, 2014
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