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Gewandhaus Orchestra

Welcome to This Week in Reference!

These are busy times for our students.  There have been lots of interesting topics to come our way at the Research Help Desks, including questions about:
  • Zaatari Refugee Camp in Jordan 
  • Ancestor Worship
  • Witold Lutosławski
  • Air pollution in China
  • Effect of faith on presidential foreign policy
  • Experimental films of Kenneth Anger
And, some other conversations we’ve had via IM, in person, email, or on the phone:
A student was trying to identify the components of a creative process and then explain how it affects one's perception of the world.  The librarian found the Creativity Research Journal, and used that as a starting point. They then searched for some general information about creativity in both Grove Art Online and Credo Reference.  For more scholarly information, they explored the databases Art Full Text and Humanities Abstracts.  If the student was still in need of more information, the librarian suggested searching for biographical information on a famous artist, which should include descriptions of that artist's creative process.

A researcher was looking for statistical information on various "looting" activities related to antiquities. The librarian looked at several resources, and found the best information was offered by Unesco.  Searching with terms like "world heritage" and "looting" produced good results. The librarian also recommended checking websites of museums of antiquities, which often keep records of such thefts; for example, the Oriental Institute in Chicago has records of looting in Iraq.

A student was writing a paper about the Gewandhaus Orchestra of Leipzig, and how an orchestra affects the people and the culture of a city.  The student was specifically in need of primary sources.  The librarian helped the student explore sound recordings, our historic newspaper databases including The New York Times and The Times of London,  contemporary newspapers through our database Access World News, as well as useful books and memoirs.  Through these searches, they were able to find quotations from the Gewandhaus conductor about national funding for the orchestra and its importance to the musical life of cities. 

That’s all for now…..As always, thank you for reading This Week in Reference!
This Week in Reference: Feb 16-21, 2014
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