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Isadora Duncan and Senegal

Welcome to This Week in Reference!

With midterms behind us, students are turning in earnest to their research papers, and are coming to the Research Help Desks for assistance.

Recent topics have included:
  • Vatican II
  • Isadora Duncan
  • Yoga and PTSD
  • Chicago Public Schools Drop-Out Rates
  • WWI Propaganda
  • Syrian Refugees
And, some other conversations weve had via IM, in person, email, or on the phone:

A student asked for help finding information about the people of Senegal, including ethnic groups, religions, traditions, and languages.  The librarian directed the student to the International Studies Research Guide, pointing out resources like the CIA World Factbook and the Europa World Yearbook, as well as the online article databases to find information on Senegal.  When they turned the search to books, the librarian determined that the student was enrolled in an online class, living abroad.  He was able to produce a list of DePaul owned e-books about Senegal, including the title:  Tolerance, democracy, and Sufis in Senegal, helping the distance student enormously.

A question came through about finding information on Pilsen.  The librarian immediately suggested using the Chicago Collection at the John T. Richardson library, including a book called Ethnic Chicago: A Multicultural Report, and following that up with a search for Pilsen Chicago in WorldCat Local.  Determining that the student was looking for information about immigration patterns and gentrification, the librarian explained how to narrow searches in WorldCat Local to articles, and how searching with additional, relevant terms would produce a better list of results.
This Week in Reference: Feb 9-15, 2014
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