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Online Workshops

Summer Quarter online library workshops are now available for the following classes:

  • Management 300
  • WRD 104 *
  • SNL Foundations (LL 250) *

* Demonstrations include audio; headphones necessary in public spaces

Begin a workshop

If you need to make up incomplete work from the previous quarter, contact Heather Jagman at (773) 325-7704.

Course Guides

Directions for taking the online workshops

These online workshops teach you how to use the library’s resources to do your research. All workshops are currently associated with specific courses.

  • Verify your e-mail address in Campus Connection; this is how we contact you.
  • For browser recommendations, and information about required versions of Adobe Flash Player, please review the Workshop Requirements.
  • Click Begin, below, to access online workshops using your Campus Connection user ID and Password.
  • Once you have logged into the system, select the correct course (HON 111, WRD 104, Management 300, SNL Lifelong Learning 250, etc.). For detailed instructions, see the Quick Start Guides in the related links section, below.

Workshop Requirements:

  1. Campus Connection login & browser information
    Please see Campus Connection FAQ
  2. Adobe Flash player v. 6.0 or higher

    If the word YES appears above, you have all the additional software you need to complete the workshop. If you don´t see the word YES, download the latest version of the Adobe Flash Player.
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