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The Digital Scholarship team at DePaul University Library supports faculty teaching and research by identifying tools, software, datasets,  and corpora that can assist in your research.  We also have knowledge and experience with such digital scholarship concerns of copyright, open access, scholarly communication, and publishing.

Some examples research projects that we assisted with and supported include:

  • Creating digital environments to support teaching and research (e.g. Omeka and Neatline)
  • The Reading Chicago Reading project (two members of our team serve as Co-PIs on the project)
  • Bibliographic network analysis
  • Text mining

When you’re ready to discuss your research with colleagues or students, you can book time on our Visualization Wall to help drive the discussion.

Text Mining

Text mining—sometimes also referred to as text analytics or text data mining—is the process of deriving key concepts and trends and uncovering hidden relationships from collections of textual material from a variety of sources.

The DePaul University Library is the member of the HathiTrust  partnership community committed to preserving the cultural record through the HathiTrust digital library, which is an example of a repository of textual material that can be text mined.

Data Services

Data Services at the DePaul University Library supports students, faculty, and staff with their quantitative and qualitative research data.

Research Data Management

In addition to our research guide on Research Data Management, we can help you write your Data Management Plan if you are applying for a grant. We can also help you plan your data collection to make it easier to manage as well as locating an appropriate data repository to make your data accessible.

Dataset Location and Reference

We can assist you in locating and accessing datasets that are relevant to your research through our Finding Statistics & Data research guide as well as one-on-one consultations.

Data Preprocessing/Cleaning for Analysis

Data comes in all different kinds of formats, which may or may not be the format that your software can read. If you have a dataset that needs to be in a different format or data that is not optimally structured for your research project, schedule a Research Consultation with the Data Services Librarian.

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