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Resources for Online Learners

​As an online distance learner, you have the same access and library privileges as an on-the-ground student, as well as some special services.

DePaul students who are part of a cohort or other partnership should also check this page to determine if they have any additional services available to them.

We will mail books to your home or office address. Books owned by DePaul usually arrive in 2-3 days. Books owned by other I-Share libraries will take longer and arrive 2-3 days AFTER they arrive at DePaul.

Book Delivery from DePaul Libraries

If you need help requesting books from DePaul, watch our WorldCat Local: Requesting To Have Books Sent Between Campuses video.

  1. From the Library home page, search, WorldCat Local for your book. Be sure to put the book title in quotation marks.
  2. Once you've identified a title, click into it; select Request.
  3. You will be prompted to sign into your account. Note that if you do not have an account, you will need to create one. Watch our Creating Your Library Account video for help with this process.
  4. Select Distance Learning as your pick up location.

Book Delivery from Other Libraries (I-Share)

If you need help requesting books, watch our WorldCat Local: Requesting Books From I-Share video.

  1. Search WorldCat Local for your book.
  2. Once you've identified a title, click into it.
  3. Click Request From I-Share.
  4. You'll be asked to sign in with your library account information.
  5. When requesting, select "Distance Learning " as your pickup location.

Receiving & Returning Materials

  • Books are shipped via FedEx*
  • Arrive in 2-3 days when owned by DePaul. If owned by another I-Share library, books will arrive 2-3 days AFTER being received by DePaul.
  • Keep books for 4 weeks, with option to renew
  • To return books, a self-addressed, postage-paid envelope will be sent with the book for convenient return

*If you are using a P.O. box address, books will be shipped via USPS.

I-Share Partner Libraries in Illinois

Search the I-Share catalog to determine if one of our 80 + academic partner libraries owns a book.  DePaul affiliates  can borrow books in-person at these institutions by presenting a  DePaul ID Card. Distance students living outside the Chicago area can request to have an ID mailed to them.  More information is available on the  DePaul ID Card Overview page.

Local Libraries Near You

You can search to determine which library closest to you owns a book. Not all institutions are required to be open to the public or provide borrowing privileges. 

  • Public Universities & Community Colleges 
    Public universities are required to allow public access to their library facilities and must provide borrowing privileges.
  • Private Universities
     Private universities may or may not allow the general public to use their library facilities.  In addition, you most likely will not be able to borrow materials from these libraries unless you are a member of a friends program.
  • Public Libraries
    Public libraries may also be a useful resource.  However, note that with a few exceptions, most public libraries are focused on serving the public and may not have the extensive research materials provided by university libraries. 


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