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Library Tools

DePaul University Library Web Services Department has created several tools that can be added to your browser to make accessing DePaul Library materials all that much easier.

Mobile Databases & Apps

Mobile-Friendly Databases

Many of the library databases and resources are designed to be mobile-friendly and are accessible via a mobile device.  Not all library databases are optimized for mobile devices. For a complete list of all library databases, see our A-Z Databases list.   

Mobile Apps

There are mobile apps available for several of our subscription databases that once activated allow for access to DePaul University Library licensed content on the go using your mobile device.

ARTstor Mobile

The ARTstor mobile app is a free mobile app designed to access ARTstor, available on the Android markets. ARTstor mobile can also be accessed from a browser as a mobile ready website. Key features include being able to access saved image groups, zooming and browsing, and the flashcard view for self testing.

ARTstor Mobile App Activation

BlueFire Reader

The Bluefire reader is a free mobile app designed to support and display EPUB and PDF files. It also supports Adobe DRM so this app will work with many of the e-book providers.


In addition to being mobile accessible from a browser, DePaul licensed EBSCOHost databases are available via a mobile App from Ebscohost, available in the Apple and Android market:

Activation of the EBSCOhost Mobile App

  • To activate the Ebscohost App on your phone is to log in to one of our EBSCOhost databases, such as Academic Search Complete.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and look for a link titled, "iPhone and Android Apps".
    Click on the link to add your email address in order to activate the EBSCOhost app to work with DePaul Library's access. Once complete, you will have access to all of the EBSCOhost databases offered by DePaul University Library.

Naxos Music Library App

Naxos Music Library provides a mobile app to access streaming music available on the Naxos platform. This app is available in the Apple and Android market.

Naxos Mobile App Activation

To access the full features provided by this app, including access to DePaul Library's subscription content and playlists, you will need to:

  • Download the App on to your device
  • Create an account with Naxos Music Library.
  • Sign in to the app using your account credentials and access streaming music from anywhere on your device.

You can see the Naxos Music Library support page for more information.


PubGet is a website service that connects you to science journals and articles, primarily in the life sciences. Similar to Google Scholar, PubGet lets you set your institution to DePaul and you can connect to journal titles and articles held by DePaul University. Have an iPad? PubGet also has an iPad app.

Safari to GO

Safari To Go provides a mobile app to on the Apple and Android Markets. The Safari To Go app allows access to the Safari ebooks on Apple and Android devices. This app only works when on campus and will not work from home. This app is limited to only 7 concurrent users at a time.

Safari To Go Mobile App Activation

  • Create a personal account. You can do so my logging in to Safari Books Online - and choosing the option to Get a Personal Account. 
  • After activating the personal account, you will be able to sign in to the app when on campus and read materials from your device.

Browser Tools

The Libx toolbar is a browser-add on that allows you to search our catalog, databases, google scholar and more from your browser. Currently compatible with Internet Explorer and earlier versions of Firefox.