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Visitor's map and guide to Chicago, 1947, from Special Collections

The DePaul University Library Digital Collections contain digitized books, manuscripts, images, maps and other materials held by the University Library. The contents of our Digital Collections are freely available for all to use for instruction, research, individual study and scholarship.

Our various digital collections and areas of interest include:

DePaul Heritage Collections
Featuring more than a century’s worth of University photographs and student publications that document life at DePaul, as well as the growth and evolution of its campuses.

Vincentian Collections
Drawn from historical documents, letters and manuscripts as well as maps, holy cards and postcards focused on Vincentian heritage.

Community Collections
Historical documents, publications and photographs that chronicle the history of the community surrounding DePaul University

Selected Collections
Highlights from the DePaul University Library Special Collections and Archives


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