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Computers & Software

Group work table with students sharing a screen.

Computer labs are maintained by DePaul University Information Services (IS). DePaul University Library provides multiple computer environments in the John T. Richardson Library and the Loop Library to support academic computing needs.

Group work tables are available on the first and second floors of The John T. Richardson Library and the Loop Library. They include a large computer and display screen, and also support multiple user inputs. Like group study rooms, these can be reserved online.

Computer Types & Locations

  JTR floor 1 JTR floor 2 JTR floor 3 JTR floor 4 Loop
Standard DePaul lab computer x x     x
High-powered computer (more info)   x      
Cintiq display (more info) x x      
Public kiosk (more info) x   x x x

High-powered computers

High-powered Windows (Dell Precision 7810) and Mac (6-core Mac Pros) computers are available in the CoRE. Both types include dual monitors for working with a partner.

Cintiq Displays

Interactive pen displays from Cintiq can be used for digital drawing and design. Digital pens can be checked out from the Access Services desk.

Public Kiosks

Public kiosk computers are provided to guests of DePaul University and members of the public needing to access library resources, including government information, without needing to provide personal credentials. Public Kiosks are available at both the Richardson Library and the Loop Library. Please note that some of our databases are only available to members of the DePaul community and require a sign-in order to access materials. Printing is available from these machines using the IPFA Service.


The Library collaborates with DePaul University Information Services (IS) and various University departments and centers to provide a wide range of software used for teaching and learning purposes.

A list of software available on library lab and classroom computers is available from the IS Software for Lab and PC Classroom Computers page.

The John T. Richardson Library and Loop Library are equipped with adaptive equipment and assistive technology for students with disabilities.

For more information, see our Resources for Students with Disabilities.

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