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A quick guide to the locations of printers, scanners, and copiers is below. Review the library maps for the Richardson and Loop libraries for the exact location of items, or learn more about printing and scanning.

  JTR (first floor) JTR (second floor) Loop Cost
Standard B&W 4 1 $.08 per side ($.16 for duplex) 
Color 1  1 1 $.50 per side ($1.00 for duplex) 
Poster (plotter) 1     no cost 
Standard size  7  1  8  no cost
Large Format 1     no cost
Standard B&W  1  2  4  $.10 ($.20 for double-sided)
Color    1  1  $.40 ($.80 for double-sided)
Faculty/staff use only  1    2  $.05 (including duplex)

Richardson map Loop Library map


Printing is available from any computer found across Library locations and spaces using the Intelliprint system. Students can also print from their own devices using the iPrint From Anywhere Service and software.

If you’re having trouble printing, contact the TSC/Help Desk via phone (312)362-8765, email (, or visit a Genius Squad location near you in person with your laptop or hand held device.

Learn more about printing at the library.

Poster Printing

You can print out your poster yourself, or request that library staff do it for you (additional processing time needed).

Learn more about poster printing.

Place a request for your poster to be printed

3-D Printing

Scanners & Copiers

Scanners and copiers are available for use by students, faculty, staff at both the Richardson Library and the Loop Library on a first-come, first-serve basis. Students pay for copies using Demon Express, but scanning is free.

Learn more about scanning and copying.

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