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Instructional Services

Librarians teach students the research skills they need to succeed at DePaul and beyond.

We collaborate with faculty to design:  
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Library instruction and research help services support the following learning goals and outcomes: 
  • Strategize: Identify gaps in their current knowledge in order to determine the data, evidence and diverse viewpoints needed to support their research and learning goals. 
  • Search & Explore: Demonstrate flexibility and persistence in developing and revising strategies for finding and using a range of resources. 
  • Analyze & Evaluate: Articulate essential attributes of different information sources and apply critical thinking in order to determine the reliability, applicability and responsible use of the resource. 
  • Engage & Extend: Contribute to scholarly conversation at an appropriate level and credit the contributing work of others in their own information production.
See our Assessment Reports​ for more information on how we are meeting these learning outcomes.​​​