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Why Get Research Help?

Find information quickly and efficiently

  • Use the library’s chat, email, & in-person research services
  • Navigate the online resource guides created by librarians
  • Make sense of disorganized masses of information

Develop advanced research skills

  • Explore and discover viable and productive research topics
  • Develop well-constructed research questions
  • Choose the most appropriate research tools & databases
  • Construct search strategies that work​​

Succeed academically

  • Find the types or sources and quality of information that professors are asking for
  • Write well-researched papers
  • Support arguments with reliable facts, evidence, and objective analysis
  • Cultivate critical thinking skills

Acquire skills for lifelong learning and career development

  • Build research skills sought by employers
  • Become a savvy consumer of information
  • Participate and engage in scholarly collaboration and communication
  • Foster ​informed citizenship​​

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