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Video & Audio

Streaming Video

The DePaul Library streaming video collection includes Swank and Academic Video Online, which contain academic clips and feature films, as well as many other resources.

View our streaming video page to see all of our options:

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For Faculty

  • If you need assistance locating online resources, contact the library liaison for your subject area.
  • Once you have identified online items to use in your course, submit them as course reserves to ensure continuity of access.

Streaming Audio

The DePaul Library streaming audio collection provide access to recorded dramas, plays, music from around the world, and more.

View our streaming audio page to see all of our options:

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Physical Video & Audio

In addition to streaming options, the DePaul Library has a rich collection of DVDs with over 6,000 titles. The Library has audio CD and VHS collections as well. Physical media are searchable in the Library catalog.

VHS tapes identified as having continuing value will be replaced by DVDs when available. If a DVD version is not available, the item will remain in the collection in VHS format. The Library plans to maintain dual VHS/DVD players in both the John T. Richardson Library and the Loop Library to preserve access to these items.

For Faculty

  • VHS players are available in select classrooms on the Lincoln Park and the Loop campuses.  If you wish to show VHS content in your classroom, please contact the Office of Academic Space and Scheduling to request a classroom that offers a VHS player

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