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Digitization for Projects & Course Reserves

A staff member digitizes a page of a book.

Digital Services assists faculty in digitizing materials for courses and their research, including library resources and your personal images, maps, audio and video.

We also offer digital project consultations to assist faculty in determining the best formats, platforms and standards for their digital projects.

Digitization for Course Reserves


Faculty may request items for digitization and placement in the Library's Image Reserves by completing the  Digital Image Reserves Request Form, then bringing the item to be digitized to:

Room 400
Richardson Library, 4th Floor
2350 N Kenmore Avenue

For items owned by the Richardson Library, please add the URL or call number of the item on the form and email it to; no other action is needed.

Audio and Video

Please see the Digitization of CDs and DVDs section of the Library's Course Reserves Services for instructions on how to include A/V content into the course reserves system.

Digital Project Consulting

Library Digital Services offers consultant services to faculty on their digital projects, including:

  • digitization and encoding of images, text, audio and video
  • identifying the appropriate platform and technology for your digital project
  • creating keywords and subject terms to help people find and use your digital content
  • presenting the information contained in these projects on the web and in other digital formats
  • advising you on preservation strategies

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