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Digital Publishing

Digital Services supports many types of projects, from publishing journals to hosting conference websites to helping you use our platforms for student projects.

We accept a broad range of content from the DePaul Community, including works by faculty, students, DePaul centers and staff.

End-to-End Service for Faculty Publications

SelectedWorks is a free tool for creating professional websites for posting your scholarly work, quickly and easily. It works much like a Facebook account and is entirely yours to develop and take with you even if you leave DePaul. Benefits include search engine optimization to help that your work will rise to the top of search engine results. You also have access to monthly reports so and that you can track what people are downloading. You can post material you want people to download directly, or point to your research posted in outside journals and databases.

Publisher Agreements

Typically, publishers allow authors to preserve their scholarly works in their university's institutional repository, like Digital Commons@DePaul (formerly Via Sapientiae). However, this is not always the case. The best place to find out what your publishers allow is by consulting your publisher directly, but the online SHERPA/RoMEO database can often provide the most convenient way to determine a publisher’s policies on copyright and archiving.

As part of our End-to-End service, we will navigate this process for you.

Alternatives for Restricted Copyrighted Works

If your publisher will not allow inclusion of your works in DePaul's institutional repository, there are alternatives:

  • You may be able to publish a pre-print or post-print version of the work
  • You can include citation information (descriptive metadata including title, author, abstract, etc.) only and link to the proprietary database holding the work
  • You can include just the citation information without any links

For more information, contact us for a consultation.

Digital Publishing

Our institutional repository offers commonly used functions in publishing platforms, including:

  • Custom design and branding of your journal pages
  • Online submission forms
  • Review and referee tools
  • Issue and Volume management
  • Readership reports

Publishing Formats

Conference proceedings

We offer tools that will enable you to program your entire conference, or simply offer proceedings summaries and presentations after the fact, if that is preferable. We work with you to determine what you need and how we can help.


Create your own Open Education Resource (OER) that can be downloaded for use in your (or others’) class.

White papers and technical reports

We can store all types of grey literature within the repository

Student Work

We work with students and their faculty mentors to present and preserve student work, such as our DePaul Discoveries undergraduate research journal, Psychology Night Showcase, or the Mille-Feuille literary magazine.

We also present and publish our students’ masters theses and PhD dissertations in Digital Commons@DePaul.

Online Media Galleries

We've worked with departments to publish image galleries of their works, such as the Asian American Art Oral History Project Gallery.

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