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Donations to Special Collections and Archives

DePaul Special Collections and Archives holdings continue to grow through donations, records transfers, and purchases made possible by gift funds. Special Collections and Archives welcomes inquiries regarding potential book or archival donations, and will review all prospective donations for inclusion based on:

  • scholarly or historical value
  • relation to existing or emerging collection strengths
  • potential for student learning and engagement
  • faculty interest
  • condition
  • the nature of the individual's or organization's relationship to DePaul and the community.

Materials donated to Special Collections and Archives become the property of DePaul University, with the ongoing commitment of staff to process, house, and provide access to these resources. We welcome direct donations of money to support specific subject strengths or target initiatives in Special Collections.

Please be aware that Special Collections and Archives staff are not authorized or qualified to provide appraisals for books, archival materials, or art objects.

Please see our Deed of Gift form or Records Transfer procedures for more information, or contact:

Jamie Nelson
Head of Special Collections and Archives
Lincoln Park in JTR 314
(773) 325-2167

Some recent or permanent monetary gifts in support of book collections include:

  • The William T. and Irene Beck Collection. This ongoing donation of rare books from alums Bill and Irene Beck develop the book collections in the area of Chicago social justice movements.
  • The Berland Fund. Established by DePaul alumnus and Trustee Abel Berland, this fund supports general acquisition and preservation of rare books.
  • The Verrona Williams Derr Fund. Established by former faculty member Gilbert Sims Derr, this fund supports the acquisition of rare books in the field of African American studies.
  • The James Miller Fund. Established by alumnus James Miller, this fund supports general acquisition of rare books.
  • The Meehan Family Fund. Alums Thomas and Elizabeth Ann Meehan have made several generous donations to support the acquisition of rare books on Irish literature and history.
  • The Richard Houk Fund. Established by Alex Papadapoulos, Geography Department, this fund supports the acquisition of maps and books on cartography.
  • The Goodin Fund. This fund was a one time donation in honor of Virginia Goult, long time library employee, and Library Director from 1967 through 1974.


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