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IDEA Committee

As mentioned on the main page of the Framework, the Library and the Art Museum created the  IDEA Committee (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Accessibility) to examine our past patterns and practices, and to help guide the library to a more accessible, equitable, inclusive and diverse future. These IDEA principles are at the center of a thriving and innovative organization, and we will build a welcoming and equitable environment for all library employees and library users. 

The Library and The Museum reject the concept of institutional neutrality and embrace the values of social justice and anti-oppression as a framework for affecting constructive change. We acknowledge that this work is challenging and at times uncomfortable but encourage all Library and Museum employees to lean into this discomfort and approach difficult conversations with honesty, respect, empathy, and an openness to other perspectives. Everyone in our Library and our Museum has a part to play in building and maintaining a culture of inclusivity. The IDEA Committee will commit to building this culture in our institutions.

The charge of the IDEA committee is as follows:

The IDEA Standing Committee will provide a forum for DePaul University Library and DePaul Art Museum staff to engage with, support, and inform the university commitments to end racism in our community.  In addition, through training, programming, and collaboration with other University departments/units, this committee will help ensure that DePaul University Library and Art Museum promote the goals of diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility in Library and Art Museum policies, practices, programming, and services.  This committee will also work to support diversity, equity and inclusion within our professions.


Current members of this committee, as of September 2021, include:

  • Robert Karpinski, Associate Vice-President for Academic and Library Affairs Administration (Chair)
  • Nora Gabor, Rare Books Librarian
  • April Hummons, Information Technology Librarian
  • Laura-Caroline de Lara, Interim Director, ​DePaul Art Museum
  • Matthew Krause, Director of Business and Administration
  • Christine McClure, Head of Digital Services
  • Rebecca Pagan, Interlibrary Loan Assistant
  • Derek Potts, Archives Processing Assistant
  • Firouzeh Rismiller, Instructional Services Librarian
  • Kyle Scheuring, Collections Assistant
  • Dorian Rodriguez Spicer, Administrative Assistant
  • Renata Schneider, Principal Cataloger
  • Sveta Stoytcheva, Data Literacy Librarian
  • Wendall Sullivan, Digital Initiatives Librarian
  • Librarian and IDEA Coordinator  - to be named later; application process underway as of October 2021
  • Student representatives - to be named later

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