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Commitment to Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility (IDEA)

Here at DePaul University, We Stand Together. St. Vincent de Paul taught us “love is inventive to infinity.” Love and hate cannot coexist, so there is no room for hate here.
- from DePaul University’s Statement Against Hate

The University Library is committed to supporting the University’s goal of eradicating all forms of racism and hate on campus. We are dedicated to providing space, services, and collections that are inclusive, diverse, equitable, and accessible to the DePaul community; especially those in our community from marginalized populations.

As part of our overall mission and strategic plan, The University Library is committed to fostering a multifaceted hub for creativity and serving as an information epicenter that provides for the scholarship, teaching, learning, and creative needs of all its community members. The University Library takes its duty to social responsibility very seriously and believes in accountability and reconciliation. Libraries are not neutral spaces and to ensure that we create and maintain an atmosphere that protects the human dignity of all its users, the DePaul University Library takes a strong stance against discriminatory and exclusionary practices. Furthermore, the University Library will speak out against injustice and provide allyship to its community members in their struggle against hate.

In alignment with DePaul University's Statement Against Hate, the DePaul University Library will not tolerate the use of its spaces or services for the promotion of (or engagement in) hate, exclusion, and/or discrimination. Furthermore, the University Library reserves the right to refuse to host events and permit activities that utilize its space, services, or equipment for these purposes. The DePaul University Library condemns hate, violence, exclusion, and/or discrimination of any kind including racism, xenophobia, sexism, able-ism, classism, homophobia, trans-phobia, and religious intolerance (i.e. discrimination against any religious or spiritual belief or atheist beliefs). We embrace a community of members that are diverse; with many intersectionalities, and strive to respect, learn from, and celebrate those differences.

This site also includes the Museum/Library Accountability Framework, our Statement of Solidarity and Support, and a Land Acknowledgement Statement . Additional information regarding DePaul Art Museum can be found on their About page.

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