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Give to the Library

​​The University Library welcomes gifts of books and other research materials that enhance the collection strengths and support DePaul’s instructional and research programs. All potential gifts are evaluated by appropriate library staff in accordance with the collection development policies of the DePaul University Library and the Gift Acceptance and Processing policy of the University.

Library Donation Form

Physical Donations

Acceptable Materials

The library will add only materials in very good condition which support the teaching and research mission of the University and do not duplicate existing holdings. The library will donate or discard all gifts not added to the collection. In general, the library does not accept: textbooks, workbooks, outdated editions, damaged or underlined books, photocopies, popular paperbacks, or brittle books, outdated media formats (e.g. VHS, audio cassettes, CDs, vinyl records), materials requiring special handling, storage, or other restrictions. Please note that the Library only accepts journal issues to replace ones missing within an existing set, not to add new titles to the collection or to expand the coverage of a title in the collection.

Donations of Books or Other Items

Donors are required to provide a list of items for review of appropriateness for adding to the collection rather than sending materials directly to the library. Current DePaul faculty and staff can send up to 10 titles without a list. Students and donors not affiliated with DePaul are required to provide a list. Please fill out the Library Donation Form​ which provides the option to upload your title list. The title list should include the title, author, publication date, and ISBN (if available).  Donation lists will be shared with appropriate subject librarian liaison(s) for review to determine suitability of titles to be added to the collection. 

Accepted materials will be shipped or delivered to the library at the donor’s expense. The DePaul Library does not pick up donations. 

If you would like to discuss your donation prior to creating a list or filling out the donation form, please contact Audra M. Deemer, Head of Acquisitions & Collections, at

Donations of Rare Books or Archival Materials

Please contact the Head of Special Collections & Archives, Jamie Nelson (

Acknowledgement of Donations

The Library provides a written acknowledgement for donations that have been discussed and approved prior to receipt, noting the number of volumes received. The library does not provide an itemized list of the materials donated or an estimate of the value of the gift. Any appraisal of the gift is the responsibility of the donor. Donors should consult a tax consultant or attorney regarding non-cash gifts. [See IRS Form 8283, “Noncash Charitable Contributions”] Upon request, library staff can provide donors with a list of certified appraisers.

Monetary Donations

The library also welcomes direct donations of money to support library collections and programs. You may make a gift through the Division of Advancement and External Relations.

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