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​ Photography, Filming, and Audio Recording

The DePaul University Library provides an environment conducive to teaching, learning, study, and research for the faculty, staff, and students of the University, as well as to visitors to the University and to members of the general public. In or​​​der to maintain that environment, the library has restricted photography, audio recording, digital recording, and filming in all library facilities to the following:

  • University Marketing and Communications
  • DPU faculty, staff, and students who have received previous approval by the DePaul University Library. Approval must be given at least 72 hours before filming begins.
    • Faculty, s​​taff, and students n​​​eed to email Matt Krause, Director of Business and Administration, at for library approval, and one of the two Public Safety contacts:
      • For filming at John T. Richardson Library (Lincoln Park): Mike Dohm, Assistant Director – Public Safety:
      • For filming in the Loop Libra​ry: Kevin Connolly, Assistant Director – Public Safety:
    • ​​​The email should state the following:
      • Location of filming--what area(s) of the building will be used
      • Date
      • Time
      • A list of crew members and their DePaul ID numbers
      • A list of the the cast and their DePaul ID numbers
      • If applicable, any other members working on the film who may not be affiliated with DePaul University.
    • Note for CDM Film Students: the Location Agreement Form is not needed for approved filming on campus​​

Use of electronic or other devices to make a photographic, audio, digital, or film recording of any person without his/her prior knowledge or his/her effective consent is prohibited in any library facility.

DePaul University is a private institution and its campuses are closed to news media, commercial and other non-university filming unless prior permission is granted by the University. All requests for non-University photography and filming should be directed initially to University Marketing and Communications, and then to the University Library for approval and scheduling.

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