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Room Reservations

The DePaul Loop Library and John T. Richardson Library have spaces available to be reserved for DePaul-related functions when the library is open. The event organizer must submit the room reservation request online at the Library Room Reservations site. On infrequent occasions the Library allows events, receptions, etc. to be held in library spaces. Such arrangements may be requested through the Library Administrative office at 773-325-7849. To arrange special library instruction sessions, contact Heather Jagman at 773-325-7704.

General Room Reservations Policy

The following policies apply to all reservable spaces at the DPU Library.

  • Use: Reservations can only be made by current DePaul students, faculty, and staff through
  • Noise: Respect for those studying and conducting research in the library should be observed at all times. To minimize noise disruption:
    • Room doors should not be propped open
    • Sound volume for media should be kept at an intermediate level
    • Groups entering and leaving the library meeting spaces should interact with low voice levels.
  • Theft: The Library is not responsible for any items left unattended. All individuals should keep laptops, purses, book bags, and other valuables in their direct supervision at all times.
  • Technology & Equipment: Equipment problems should be reported directly to TCC/IS Field Services at 312-362-8765.
  • Furniture: Any special furniture arrangements needed must be arranged by the event organizer in advance through Facilities Operations (FO).  Furniture may NOT be rearranged or moved from the room, except by FO staff.  If the furniture arrangement request has not been completed in time for the event, contact FO.
  • Food: Event catering is permitted in the Rosati Room (JTR 300),  Idea Labs 1 & 2 (JTR 206 and 207), the Scholar's Lab (JTR 103), and the Program Room (JTR 115). Catering must be arranged by the event organizer through Chartwell’s; no other food/restaurant deliveries are permitted.
  • Filming: The library’s policy on Photography , Filming, and Audio Recording also applies to these spaces.

Additional Room Policies

Additional policies exist by room type:

The following policy applies in additional to the General Room Reservation Policy:

  • Use: A minimum of 3 people is required to reserve and use the space.
    • Individuals may reserve only one room per day for their group.

Meeting Spaces: 300 (Rosati Room), 115 (Program Room)

The following policy applies in additional to the General Room Reservation Policy:

  • Use: Room use is restricted to DePaul-sponsored functions only (i.e. organized by faculty, staff, or organizations approved by the Office of Student Involvement). 
    • A minimum of 10 people for reservation. The rooms can hold a maximum of 40 people.
    • Rooms can be reserved for up to a 4-hour time period.
    • Library staff will enter information for all events in the Richardson Library Conference Rooms and Meeting Rooms into avoid duplication, please do not enter information for your event into If you have an event description that you would like posted, please e-mail and library staff will add that information for you. (add this to confirmation email)
    • Student organizations must be listed online at Orgsync to reserve rooms. Only the president of the organization may reserve rooms.
  • Spaces are not to be used for recurring classes.

Additional Policy for 115 (Program Room):

  • Use: Student organization events must have a sponsor from a university office or department (faculty/staff), who must be present at the event. The event organizer is responsible for all furniture, catering, and publicity arrangements.
  • Access: When JTR 115 is not in use it is to be locked at all times. The Library Administration Office will provide access to the room between the hours of 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. After 4:30 p.m. access to the room can be provided by going to Access Services.  Access Services or Public Safety can be contacted to lock the room for events after 4:30 p.m. The user is responsible for making sure the room is locked.
  • Technology & Equipment: JTR 115 is equipped with a range of technology, including PC and screen projection equipment, performance lighting and recording equipment, and teleconferencing.  We recommend previewing and testing available technology prior to the event.

  • JTR109 (Scholar's Lab)
  • JTR206 (Idea Lab 1)
  • JTR207 (Idea Lab 2)
  • Loop 10001 (Collaboratory)

The following policy applies in additional to the General Room Reservation Policy:

  • Enter the room by swiping your DePaul ID card at the entrance. 
  • The Scholar's Lab can be accessed by DePaul students. The remaining spaces can only be accessed by DePaul faculty and staff. Please ensure that a staff or faculty member is present during your event; library staff are not able to provide access to these rooms.
  • The Scholar's Lab can be reserved by faculty, staff, and student organizations that have been approved by the Office of Student Involvement.
  • Use of these spaces for multiple or recurring classes can be made if there is a demonstrated need due to innovative or specialized nature of course content, but cannot be guaranteed. Any library spaces used for courses may not be entered as the classroom of record as this is a separate university process and system.

The following policy applies in additional to the General Room Reservation Policy:

  • Food and beverages are not allowed in the studios.

Additional Policy for Maker Hub:

  • Faculty and staff looking to use this space are required to sign a one-time safety waiver.
  • Food and beverages are not allowed in the labs unless previously authorized by library administration.

Additional Policy for Visualization Wall:

The following policy applies in additional to the General Room Reservation Policy:

  • No food or drink is allowed in the studios​


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