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Below is detailed information on the Libraries billing policies. Please select your topic to read more.

All users are responsible for materials borrowed, and for returning and renewing items on time. For a list of overdue items and fines, log on to My Account (your library borrower ID is located on the back of your DePaul ID).

All borrowers are subject to fines and fees. Faculty members and exempt employees are only liable for lost item charges and damaged item charges.

Overdue Notices

Overdue notices are issued as a courtesy to all library users, and not receiving an overdue notice does not exempt a borrower from applicable fines and fees.

Overdue/Recall Fines

Overdue fines are assessed for the following items:

Item Type Overdue Fines
Circulating Books 10¢ per day
All Media Items (ex. DVDs, Video Games) $2.00 per day
Reserves Items Varies by loan type*
Equipment (ex. calculators, cameras, chargers, headphones, tablets, Video Game Consoles) Varies by loan type*
All Recalled Items $1.00 per day***

* Hourly reserves must not leave the library and are fined $2 per hour, or any portion of an hour it's overdue.
** Recalled items must be returned to the library as soon as possible. If a recalled item is not returned within 10 days, the item will be considered lost. In such cases, payment of the replacement fee does confer ownership of the item to the borrower.

*** If DePaul has to purchase a replacement copy of lost item(s) (including equipment and recalled reserves), patrons will be billed the full item replacement cost, plus processing fees. This will be a non-refundable charge; unreturned item(s) will be withdrawn from inventory records and will not be accepted upon return. In such cases, payment of the replacement fee does not confer ownership of the item to the borrower.

All patrons except faculty and exempt employees are assessed reserve and recall fines.
The maximum overdue fine for all items is $10.00 ($100 for reserves and equipment).

Lost Item Processing Fees

A processing fee of $10.00 is assessed once an item has become 30 days overdue (10 days overdue for recalled reserves). All borrowers assessed this fee include:

  • Graduate students (including graduate and teaching assistants)
  • Undergraduate students
  • Staff
  • Alumni
  • Friends of the library
  • All borrowers affiliated with I-Share libraries.
  • Exceptions: faculty and exempt employees

Lost Item Replacement Fees

The maximum fine for an overdue/lost book is $85. If a lost book is returned, the $75 lost item replacement fee will be waived. The patron will still be responsible for the $10 lost item processing fee (unless patron is exempt).

Damaged Item Billing

All patrons are subject to damaged item fines. Damaged items fines vary depending on the type of damage including liquid damage, highlighting, tearing/cutting of pages, and post-it tabs. A processing fee of $10.00 per item is assessed for all damaged items. Patrons have 30 days from the billing date to dispute damaged fines. Payment of the replacement fee for damaged items does not confer ownership of the item to the borrower. The DePaul General Libraries does not accept replacement copies for damaged items. Patrons are responsible for damage upon item return.

Payment Options

I-Share Libraries

Please contact the I-Share institution directly with payment inquiries. DePaul does not accept payments for I-Share fines. Please visit CARLI's list of I-Share member institutions.

DePaul Rinn Law Library

Please contact the Law Library directly with billing inquiries. The General Libraries does not accept payment for the Law Library. Law Library items have barcodes that begin with 3052100.
DePaul Rinn Law Library: 312.362.8121

DePaul General Libraries

Patrons can pay by personal check, money order, or DemonExpress only. Patrons may pay fines at the John T. Richardson Library in Lincoln Park. Patrons may also submit by mail a check/money order, or pay by DemonExpress over the phone.

Please visit Demon Express Account to learn how to add funds to your Demon Express Account.

To pay by mail please send check/money order to: Attention Billing, JTR Library-DePaul University, 2350 N. Kenmore Ave., Chicago, IL 60614.

Patrons have the right to contest fines and fees, and may submit a fine waiver request. Fine Waiver Requests may require supporting documentation. Fine Waiver Request forms are available at the Lincoln Park Access Services desk.

Patrons may contact the Lincoln Park Access Services desk at (773) 325-7862 for questions or to submit DemonExpress card payments by phone.

Library Registration/Transcript Holds

DePaul Library fines in excess of $200 will result in a Registration Hold and/or a Transcript/Diploma Hold.

Overdue/Recalled Reserves may result in a Registration and/or a Transcript/Diploma Hold.

Overdue Equipment (ex. calculators, chargers, cameras, video game consoles) may result in a Registration and/or a Transcript/Diploma Hold.

I-Share or Interlibrary Loan (ILL) related fines may result in a Registration and a Transcript/Diploma Hold.

Please contact the Lincoln Park Access Services desk at (773) 325-7862 to arrange the removal of any Library related Registration and Transcript/Diploma Holds.

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