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Resources for DePaul Students at Other Campuses

DePaul University partners with other schools and organizations to form cohorts for learning opportunities. Changes to DPU Library access and services as a result of a specific cohort are listed here.

Students in the DePaul-Harper cohort have completed an associate's degree at Harper College and are continuing on in one of the DePaul bachelor's degree programs being offered on the Harper College campus. Students should use the DPU library website to do their research as they have full access to these items as DePaul students.

Books and Other Physical items

DePaul and I-Share

Both DePaul and Harper are members of the I-Share consortium, which allows many academic libraries across Illinois to share books and other items with each other.

Students will have access to the DPU Library's entire collection (including physical course reserves, equipment, game consoles, etc.) when they visit the Richardson, Loop, or Law library locations. Students can also request to have items from DPU Library delivered to Harper College once they create an I-Share library account, as well as from any library within the I-Share system (view map | list).

Items can be returned to any I-Share library.

DePaul students can also visit and check out circulating materials from any I-Share library using their DePaul University ID Card. Students should be aware of what each organization's visiting hours/policies are prior to visiting.

Book Delivery from Non I-Share Libraries

Students can request books and other items not available online or through I-Share libraries (see example) using Illiad, our interlibrary loan system. 

  • Select "Distance Learning" as the pickup location when requesting the item to avoid any delays.
  • Items are shipped to the DPU Library's Lincoln Park location. Once there, they are then mailed to the student's address.
  • The amount of time an item is lent for is determined by the owning library.
  • A self-addressed, postage-paid envelope will be sent with the book for convenient return

Online Resources

Students have access to the full range of DPU Library resources, including article databases, images, and films and audio.  Useful links include

Research Help

Students should contact DPU Library staff for assistance as Harper College library staff will have limited access to DePaul resources. The Ask A Librarian service is available to all DPU students by phone, IM, or email.

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