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Learning Outcomes

​The DePau​​​l University Library has established a set of undergraduate learning outcomes informed not only by the ACRL Framework for Information Literacy and the learning outcomes established by other academic programs at DePaul, e.g. the Liberal Studies Program, but also by learning outcomes established in other areas relevant to our instruction program, including primary source instruction, data literacy instruction, and fluency with information technology, including media content creation, maker technology, etc. The DePaul University Library's instructional services program is distinguished both by its integration and broader teaching and learning initiatives at the university, and by the holistic view employed across traditional emergent areas of information literacy instruction.

Students attending DePaul University Library instruction sessions, workshops, and engaging with its services will be able to:

  1. Explain the socio-political landscape of information, including who creates it, who controls it and where to find it.

  2. Articulate the value of information inquiry.

  3. Develop effective search strategies for finding information.

  4. Evaluate the appropriateness of information sources based on their format, structure, and purpose.

  5. Compile information ethically, following the standards of a scholarly discipline.

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