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The DePaul University Library counts collaboration and community engagement among the core values embraced in its strategic plan. Holding to those values, the library has pursued a number of partnerships across campus, around Chicago, and in the broader library community.

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Featured Partnership: First-Year Writing Program

The First-Year Writing Program

The DePaul University Library partners with faculty and staff in the First-Year Writing Program to promote reflection and critical thinking in the processes of reading, writing, and research that pave the way for student success in the first year of college, and beyond. Library staff have collaborated with faculty to design and deliver information literacy instruction in first-year writing classes that builds upon the instruction provided in the Chicago Quarter first-year-experience program to promote mastery of undergraduate student learning outcomes for each program. Since 2017, the Library and First-Year-Writing Program have offered a Library Research Prize for First-Year Writing recognizing student achievement in writing and research during the first year of college.

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