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Strategic Plan


Photograph of two students talking near the stained glass portrait of St. Vincent de Paul in the JTR Library
The DePaul University Library is a critical feature of the educational landscape at DePaul and is committed to supporting goals shared across academic libraries as well as goals distinct to the mission of DePaul University.

In common with all academic libraries, the DePaul University Library is committed to supporting the teaching, learning, and scholarly missions of its parent institution, to promoting equitable access to information, and to serving as a trusted steward of its resources, collections, and cultural heritage.

Beyond these commitments, the DePaul University Library is distinguished by its support of the distinctive blend of characteristics – Catholic, Vincentian, and urban – that define DePaul University. The library is a key contributor to our shared goal of developing faculty, staff, and students who are prepared to engage the challenges of the twenty-first century as socially-responsible and information-literate citizens.

Finally, following the service tradition of St. Vincent de Paul, the DePaul University Library employs the resources and expertise found in its staff, collections, and facilities to support and enhance not only the teaching, learning, and research programs at the university but also to contribute to the university’s engagement with the broader community of the City of Chicago. Reflecting the values of its sponsor, the DePaul University Library is committed to always work “in the service of the people.”

The DePaul University Library’s Strategic Plan complements the University’s statement of “Learning Goals and Outcomes,” as well as the University’s strategic plan, “Vision 2018: Dedication to Excellence, Commitment to Community.” The DePaul University Library’s Strategic Plan was developed with input from library staff and advisory committees by its Strategic Planning Task Force: Amelia Brunskill, Rebecca Cooling-Mallard, Heather Jagman, Rachel LeBron, Jim LeFager, Morgen Macintosh Hodgetts, Susan Shultz, and Scott Walter (Chair).

Mission, Vision, and Values

The DePaul University Library draws its mission, vision, and values, from the distinctive mission of DePaul University, its place in the cultural heritage community of the City of Chicago, and its role as a global leader in Vincentian scholarship. Our vision for the library is for it to serve as “a center for intellectual inquiry and academic engagement beyond the classroom, building and inspiring the campus and community partnerships distinctive of a DePaul education.”

Goals, Accomplishments, and Highlights of the Current Strategic Plan

The goals of the library’s strategic plan are aligned with those of the university’s strategic plan:

  • Goal 1: Enhance Academic Quality and Support Educational Innovation
  • Goal 2: Deepen the University’s Distinctive Connection to the Global City of Chicago
  • Goal 3: Strengthen our Catholic and Vincentian Identity
  • Goal 4: Foster Diversity and Inclusion
  • Goal 5: Ensure a Business Model that Builds the University’s Continued Strength and Educational Excellence

A complete outline of the library strategic plan, and associated goals and objectives is available.

Download the DPU Library Strategic Plan.

Highlights of strategic and operational activities in the DePaul University Library are also available in the “Top 10 Library Stories” posted each year to the library blog.

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