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WRD 104 & HON 100 Research Instruction

In-Person WRD 104

Schedule Your Session
All library instruction sessions meet during regular class times. Classes should be scheduled when students have chosen their topics and are ready to begin their research.

Schedule Instruction Session

Students should complete the following assignments before class, and should either bring them to class or post them to D2L or Digication. You may choose to point your students to the WRD 104/HON 100 Library Assignments for Students page for instruction on completing the assignments. Alternatively, you may choose to scaffold the assignments and embed them individually in your D2L or Digication site.

In-Class Time:
During the class, librarians will lead discussions about and teach strategies for:
  • Topic development
  • Evaluation of sources, including the difference between scholarly and popular
  • Searching for articles
In addition, librarians will focus on the hands-on searching aspect so that students can get personalized help during the session.

Online WRD 104

The Library uses an embedded model with WRD 104 online. The librarian sustains contact with the students by posting an introduction video and sending research tip messages
Students are required to:
  • Complete the Constructing A Search Strategy (interactive tutorial)​
  • Turn-in a librarian-graded assignment that walks students through finding articles, submitted via D2L Dropbox
  • Complete a research consultation with a librarian. 
This model relies on a close relationship and communication between the WRD 104 Online instructor and the embedded librarian to ensure that assignments are appropriately timed and content is properly embedded in D2L.

Optional Assignments 

To have a librarian embedded in your online section, please contact Jessica Alverson (, 312.262.7407) ​​

Learning Outcomes

Because WRD 104 is a required course for all DePaul undergraduates, the Library has identified this course as the place to provide students with those foundational information literacy skills.

The WRD 104 Library Instruction program is designed to accomplish the following:

  1. Help WRD 104 students successfully navigate the research required in order to complete the WRD 104 research paper assignment, and
  2. Provide first year DePaul students with foundational information literacy skills which will be critical to their success throughout their career at DePaul and beyond.

Learning Outcomes

After completing the WRD 104 Library portion, students should be able to:

  1. Explore a topic through mind mapping or similar techniques in order to develop a properly scoped research question.
  2. Identify and apply criteria to evaluate information in order to select appropriate, authoritative resources for their research and differentiate between scholarly and non-scholarly sources.
  3. Choose appropriate search terms in order to conduct effective searches in article databases and retrieve relevant results.
  4. Understand the support roles played by librarians and be able to contact a librarian for research help.​​​​​​

Teaching Materials

Faculty teaching WRD 104 may want to supplement what is covered in the research instruction session. We have included a curated list of materials below that you are free to embed in your course, share with students, and use in your class.

Getting Started with Research Choosing a Topic
Evaluating Information
Understanding the Scholarly 
Additional Tutorials 

What faculty are saying...

I felt that the collaborative and interactive nature of the session was effective and engaging for both students and faculty.And seeing that the library and the research librarians were available for support and assistance was also tremendously important  .
-Jennifer Finstrom,
Writing, Rhetoric, & Discourse