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WRD 104 & HON 100 Student Library Assignments

​​​​​​​All WRD 104 & HON 100 students should complete the following assignments before attending the library instruction session. Assignments should be completed in the order they are listed.

  1. Video: Developing a Research Question
    Watch this video tutorial to learn about developing your research question.
  2. Exercise: Developing a Research Question Exercise
    After you have watched the video, complete the Developing a Research Question Exercise. ***Bring your completed worksheet to the library instruction session.
  3. Video: Getting Started with Academic Search Complete​
    Watch this short video tutorial to learn how to search Academic Search Complete.
  4. Exercise: Search Academic Search Complete and locate one article relevant to your topic. ***Bring the article to the library instruction session.​

Please check with your WRD 104/HON 100 instructor regarding due dates and preferred format.

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