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Why Schedule a Research Instruction Session?

What faculty and students are saying...

After research instruction, students will be better equipped to...

Students exhibit flexibility, curiosity and persistence in finding and using information from a variety of source types, formats, subject areas and perspectives that support discovery and learning of the interconnectedness and interdisciplinary aspects of their studies.

Students develop the kinds of information, research and critical thinking skills that are increasingly valued in the job marketplace and sought-after by employers across all industries and professions.

Students recognize and learn from their own attitudes, knowledge gaps, successes and failures related to finding, evaluating and using information.

Students identify themselves as information producers, as well as users, and they understand what it means to be engaged in academic conversation, both individually and collaboratively.

Students develop the information skills and attitudes towards information that are needed to become lifelong, self-directed and independent learners.

Our Mission

In keeping with the missions of DePaul University and its Library, the goal of the instruction program is to help students develop the critical thinking and information literacy skills necessary to conduct effective library research. Information literate individuals recognize the need for information, are able to locate it using a variety of media and technologies, and can effectively evaluate and use the information they find. These skills support student success not only in their course work but beyond the classroom, providing them with the tools they need to become lifelong learners.

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