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Letters of Support

Academic colleges and departments who are developing a new program are required to include a Letter of Support (LOS) from the University Library with their submission. The LOS may indicate that the Library’s collection of physical and electronic items, such as subject databases, books and journal subscriptions, are adequate to support the new program. Alternatively, the LOS may indicate the need for additional funding to acquire critical materials to support a new program, and include an itemized list of materials and their costs.

The LOS is prepared by the liaison to the requesting department. The liaison compares the Library holdings to those of peer institutions that offer similar programs as well as any materials required or recommended for accreditation If necessary, the Library will contact the vendors to request cost information for any materials that are deemed essential to the new program that the library does not currently own/subscribe to.

Once the LOS of support is complete, the Associate University LIbrarian for Collections and Technology will track and monitor the progress/outcome of the new program proposal. If the new program is approved, the LOS will be used to advocate and/or reallocate funds to acquire the recommended resources.

How to Request a Letter of Support

To request a Letter of Support from the library for a new program, please submit your proposal by attaching the file on our online request form. To ensure your proposal contains the necessary information for our subject liaisons to do their analysis, please fill out the form's remaining questions, if applicable.

To request a library letter of support be created for a proposed new program, fill out the following form:


Letters of Support require a three-week turnaround. Someone will contact you if further information is needed.

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